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DesignThe teamTeam

  • ZhanZhiLanChief designer

    Working time:8In good style:European style、Chinese style、Modern、Rural、Northern Europe、Contracted、Jane beauty design concept:Design comes from life,The detail achievement quality。
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  • Ren Xiaoqin

    Ren Xiaoqin,Beautiful art, deputy director of the designer。1988Born in xinjiang,2009Graduated from university in xinjiang。2013Years of study in Beijing designer in training。2014Who was the art designer,2015Years of art, urumqi, deputy director of the company。2016In design department, director of the department of art and ili branch。2017Years of art, urumqi branch of designers。
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  • Huai hai

    Working time:4In good style:New Chinese style、American、Hong Kong style、New classical design concept:The core of the design is a creative work,To incorporate and service life,Is the product of come from life but higher than life。
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  • Yang qian 僡Director of designers

    Working time:5In good style:European style、American。Northern Europe、Light and decoration design:Design comes from life,Because of design change and life!Harmonious space,Let the design value,To create a perfect details!
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  • Hu Zhou chardonnayDirector of designers

    Hu Zhou chardonnay,Beauty art elegant decoration, director of the designer,National excellent designers 1990Born in hubei,2011Graduate institute of hubei; 2015Joined the art design department 2 designers elegant decoration co., LTD; 2016Years voted excellent designer beauty art elegant decoration co., LTD; 2017For the art and decoration co., LTD., the design of the director of the second set
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  • Xu Lu LiDirector of designers

    Xu lully,Beautiful art and decoration engineering co., LTD., urumqi in xinjiang division designer,Served as deputy director of the design。 1989Born in shaanxi,2010Degree from xi 'an institute of engineering technology professional print ads and interior decoration, 2010For broad art space internship designers, 2011Years, at the time of sunrise impression decoration company as a design department
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  • Cheng Yang

    Cheng Yang,The director of art and designer,The national registered architect。Is employed6Years1989Born in wuhan,2010He graduated from huazhong university of science and technology in the fine arts,2014Joined in xinjiang in the art and decoration co., LTD as a design of four designer,20016Served in xinjiang beautiful art and decoration co., LTD. Design of the director of the four groups of designers In the same year to join the elite designer alliance,2016Years to join“Tide”The working group,2014Rated as national excellent designers,20015Beautiful art and decorative years as outstanding designer。The honor list:2014Received“Iconography cup”DKDesign competition award、2009Years The national registered architect
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  • Yu-hang ChenDirector of designers

    Working time:6In good style:American、Jane is beautiful、New Chinese style、Northern Europe、The modern design concept:The way we watch the interior perspective with feelings of the world may ten million,As long as able to consciously the Angle and the method is applied to daily life,Is the design。
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  • Tian Yongguang

    2011Graduated from zhengzhou university of architecture construction decoration,2016Rated as national excellent designers。Tian Yongguang designer is a more cheerful,Sunshine boy,Engaged in interior design5Years,Won the award of designers contest,Such as the honorary title。Is a more careful,The sense of responsibility is strong。In the design industry for so many years,Experienced the ups and downs,Met with many difficulties,But the belief that he always believe yourself。Tian Yongguang has always been to design with keen interest,Design all follow,The heart space,Let the inspiration release,Create a space that hearts desire,Design comes from life,The detail achievement quality。
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  • Lucy li

    Working time:5Years        Good at style:Contemporary and contracted,Chinese style,American design concept designer not only leads the way,Into their lives,Design inspiration,Comes from life but higher than the life of a product。
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  • XiangChunMei sonA good designer

    Working time:3Years        Good at style:American、Northern Europe、Contemporary and contracted、New Chinese style design concept, etc:Design,There is no shortcut to like life。Every detail of expression,Is the precipitation of life。
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  • AllenA good designer

    Working time:2In good style:Contemporary and contracted,Chinese style,American、New Chinese style、Jane European design concept:People can change the environment,Environment can affect a person,While design can change and the environment
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  • Liang Na

    Working time:7In good style:Contemporary and contracted、Jane's、Chinese style、Northern Europe、Rural design concept:Design comes from life,Return to the human nature of science and technology,Culture blend in nature。“Due to the design life,Designed for life”On behalf of the works:Spring area,Hong hao atrium,The beautiful village。He and the garden,The south lake park,The Dutch town,He grace,Chang and garden,Cannes green, etc
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  • Yan lobuleDirector of designers

    Working time:4In good style:Contemporary and contracted、Jane's、Rural、Chinese style the design concept:Design comes from life,“Due to the design life,Designed for life”
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  • ZhanZhiLan
  • Ren Xiaoqin
  • Huai hai
  • Yang qian 僡
  • Hu Zhou chardonnay
  • Xu Lu Li
  • Cheng Yang
  • Yu-hang Chen
  • Tian Yongguang
  • Lucy li
  • XiangChunMei son
  • Allen
  • Liang Na
  • Yan lobule
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